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JOBLINGE – Joining Forces to Address Youth Unemployment

The vision of the JOBLINGE initiative is to make
a visible and sustainable contribution to the fight against youth unemployment.


Who we are

JOBLINGE is a collaboration of the private, public, and volunteer sectors to better prepare disadvantaged young people in Germany for the job market.

To make the concept available in all regions where it is needed and reach as many youths as possible, JOBLINGE is organized as a social franchise system, in which local branches, which implement the concept directly with young people, work closely as "franchisees" with the national umbrella organization. This system and structure bring a number of unique characteristics to collaboration.

Here you find the most important information of the JOBLINGE initiative at a glance, more detailed information about the program and structure of the initiative can be found in the annual reports in the media library.


Our work

Our objective is to provide disadvantaged, unemployed youth with the opportunity to earn a long term placement in an apprenticeship or job and thus lead a self-determined life.

Joblinge focuses on outcomes, aiming for fast but sustainable job placements. JOBLINGE, a six-month program with a placement rate of more than 70 percent is a faster, cheaper, and more scalable alternative than similar programs —and growing rapidly because of its success. To date, more than 9,000 underprivileged youths have participated in this program. 

Our program elements: Professional vocational orientation, tailored skills coaching (including language skills in the Kompass program), cultural and sports activities, group projects in the orientation phase, real job opportunities at partner companies during the trial and practical phases, and finally, enablement of the participating young people to take over responsibility for their own lives. All participants thus earn their apprenticeships on their own.


Get involved

Corporate Opportunities

JOBLINGE offers a broad spectrum of involvement opportunities. Partner businesses can mix and match different forms of commitment such as financial support, internship and vocational training positions as well as employee mentoring to adapt involvement to your CSR strategy. JOBLINGE is focused on creating win-win collaborations that advance our vision and meet your company’s strategic priorities. An investment in JOBLINGE is an investment in your workforce and in the future of young adults.


We support you in matching your philanthropic interests and aims with a JOBLINGE project that improves the lives of disadvantaged young people, supports them to successfully enter the work force and measurably contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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